Commercializing Startup Value


Knowledge Market is a Silicon Valley-based provider of technology commercialization products & services with strong relationships with the major global centers of R&D, especially in the USA, Japan, China, Korea, Europe, and other developing technology clusters.

Our mission is to create order out of the chaotic dialogue between industry and communities of technological innovation. Consumers, companies, and nations are inundated with new technology at a rate faster than at any time in human history. The challenge is determining the relevance of technology to society & human lives in order to put it to its highest and best use.


According to a recent study by Battelle (the world's largest, independent research and development organization) global research and development (R&D) spending is expected to increase by 3.6 percent in 2011 to $1.2 trillion. A few megatrends to note are:

• The U.S. still leads all countries by funding one-third of global R&D.
• China has overtaken Japan as the second highest funder of global R&D.
• Globalization increasingly is narrowing the R&D gap between countries.

Global Outlook: While U.S. R&D still dominates worldwide spending, globalization is slowly altering the dominance that the U.S. has maintained for the past 40 years. The economies of China, Korea, India, Russia and Brazil and their investments in R&D are expanding at rates substantially higher than that of the U.S., Japan and Germany. As a result, emerging economies are starting to challenge the technological and discovery capabilities of the historic R&D leaders.

The global availablity of quality IP is rapidly increasing. More and more IP is becoming available, but navigating this IP maelstrom and, more importantly, effectively licencing and commercializing the right IP is more difficult than ever.

With approximately 70 percent of these new technologies going unlicensed, Knowledge Market provides an effective new approach for commercializing these technologies. Our standard for bringing innovation to market is simple: a defensible business case must be made for the application of technology to specific market needs. By partnering with the sources of innovation to build such a case, we provide great value to industry. Both mature and emerging growth companies thrive on new technology to sustain their relevance and competitiveness. However, the process of gleaning relevant technology from the massive databases of technological innovation can be a daunting task for even the most sophisticated organizations.

Knowledge Market locates and evaluates intellectual property (IP) with a view towards meeting specific market needs. Our methodology and proprietary processes enable us to maximize the potential of existing technology while minimizing the risk typically associated with commercializing technology.

Knowledge Market understands that in order to succeed in the current market, emerging technology companies must pursue the traditional goals of creating a sustainable competitive advantage and developing long-term profitability. The recent market decline has resulted in the restructuring of capital markets that now emphasize these traditional views. Newly formed companies must adhere to these values, as the investment community no longer funds ideas alone. As a result, investors are contributing larger sums of money to fewer deals.

Knowledge Market provides a suite of services to companies including technology evaluation, technology transfer, strategy and positioning, and recruitment of key management, directors.

Focus Areas

Knowledge Market's technology focus is on high growth, high impact and early lifecycle technologies. Such technologies currently include:.

Strategic Relationships

Knowledge Market assists client companies with a strong network of strategic relationships at leading academic and corporate research centers.


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