The process of effective idea development and invention is the primary source of wealth creation in a technology-based society. Essential to this process is a marketplace where innovation and capital can meet, and problems can find their solutions. Today, the frontier of technology development is evolving so fast that this marketplace is being pushed by competitive pressure to be increasingly efficient and dynamic. For example, the market window for a new innovation may be shorter than is appropriate for the classic venture development IPO plan that may span several years. Another challenge is presented by new multi-discipline fields created by convergence between different fields of technology and science.

By leveraging our IP network, Knowledge Market's methodology is designed to identify and gauge economic value in uncommercialized technologies. And only with credible evidence that immediate and identifiable market needs will be met by the implementation of their technologies, can we evaluate such companies. Ultimately, Knowledge Market seeks to bring clarity and order to the chaos and economic uncertainty of IP portfolios and allow them to realize their commercial value.

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