Services for Industry

Knowledge Market offers a variety of services to corporate clients. As the world’s capital markets increasingly become borderless, complex and volatile, innovation is more relevant to corporate valuations than ever. Technology is at the cutting edge of virtually every industry in today’s economy. In order to achieve and maintain a strong market position in major markets, companies must have strong balance sheets in addition to earnings potential. Liquidity is strongest when the company’s underlying assets have defensible valuations.

By applying a business case method to technology Knowledge Market enables intelligent selection of IP for product development, market positioning, and increasing shareholder value.

Current methods of selection are limited to searching for technology within small selections of "known" IP. Often, companies will limit themselves to their own internal IP portfolios, consisting of technology derived from internal R&D. Licensing outside IP is typically limited to technology presented by OTLs or other IP brokers.

Furthermore, Knowledge Market’s business case methodology provides a rational basis for valuation of IP. It is estimated that billions of dollars of R&D spending in private and public sectors are unaccounted for on the balance sheets of the IP owners.

Knowledge Market sources valuable external IP and monetizes underutizled internal IP to increase shareholder value.

Services for IP managers

Knowledge Market provides professional services and web-based software for managing IP portfolios with a robust search engine and case management tools. Knowledge Market’s unique approach enables innovation management professionals to leverage their IP databases by mapping innovation to external application interests. Furthermore, the Knowledge Market platform offers a secure environment for collaborative business and product development, even across multiple enterprises. By inviting external partners to have limited access to specific case materials and IP within the database, opportunities for technology transfer transactions develop organically and in a fraction of the time required by traditional processes.


Knowledge Market uses deep industry experience and strategic relationships to create an accelerated path to success for its clients.

Knowledge Market and its team has successfully advised and transacted hundreds of IP based Licensings.

Technology Sources

Key to Knowledge Market's opportunity pipeline is its relationships with first tier research institutes and national laboratories. The Knowledge Market team has been involved with projects at NASA’s Ames Research Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, SRI International, BBN, Lawrence Livermore / Berkeley National Labs, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, UCLA, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Seoul University, Tsinghua University, Cambridge University, Fraunhofer Institute, and many others.

The company also has deep experience working with the top of the Global Fortune 500 to source and transact iP and products. Knowledge Market works with such organizations to identify commercially relevant technologies within their intellectual property portfolios. Knowledge Market is continually building upon these relationships and is actively pursuing relationships with similar organizations throughout the world.


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